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A Room With A View
This is a story of two lovers. One of which, has to choose between the man who really loves her, and the other who is best suited for her.

This1942 B&W film is one of the all-time classics and is still very much worth seeing. A man and a woman who are in love sacrifice their love for a higher purpose during World War II.

City of Angels
A lady doctor finds herself falling in love with an angel only to find out that they can only be together if the angel literally falls back to earth. The angel has to decide whether to stay an angel or to give it up forever to be with the one he loves.

Brian Flannagan aspires to make millions in the future. But in the mean time he bartends with his buddy, Doug Coughlin, entertaining customers with fancy bottle tricks.

A murder victim tries to protect his wife from his killers with the help of a psychic.

Horse Whisperer, The
After a terrible riding accident, a horse is left crippled and the girl`s legs must be amputated. In order to heal the horse, they drive to Montana to the horse whisperer who is know to heal horses.

Life or Something Like It
A reporter interviews a homeless man, who tells her that she`s going to die and her life is meaningless.

Message in a Bottle
A lady reporter finds a bottle with a compelling love letter inside that discusses how a man has lost his love. She wishes she could meet a man capable of feeling such love and searches for him.

Object of My Affection, The
Jennifer Aniston plays a girl who falls in love with a gay guy (Paul Rudd).

Some Kind of Wonderful
A typical fickle teenage boy has fallen for the infamous Amanda but at the end realizes that the only girl right for him is his tom-boyish pal he`s known forever.

While You Were Sleeping
A lonely token cashier in NYC falls in love with a business man who rides her train daily. He gets mugged and she saves him only to fall in love with his brother while he is in a coma and is forced to tell the family the truth.

You`ve Got Mail
A small book shop owner and a large book shop owner fall in love over the internet not knowing that they are enemies in life. Based on an old classic.

Young Sherlock Holmes
A story of Sherlock Holmes during his youthful days.