10 Favorite Things I'm Thankful For

10 Favorite Things I’m Thankful For…

We asked Torifan, a very funny soul, to share the most favorite things for which she is thankful. It didn’t take long for RetroWarehouse to get a response. That list follows now…

1. Tryptophan! Ya gotta love the effect that stuff has on… the… zzzzzzzzzzz

2. Cranberry Sauce. Not to be confused with The Cranberries, an Irish band from the 90’s. But, really, both are bittersweet and delicious.

3. Madonna’s CDs, which are totally Dance and totally kicks ass. I think I’ll play it as I do Karaoke for the family. Which I usually do with no music at all, so this will be a plus.

4. Stuffing, God’s Gift to the Stomach. Seriously, all of that bread is good for your belly. I study these things so I know. Plus, it’s fun to yell at people, ‘Oh shut it! You’re full of stuffing!’

5. Mashed Potatoes. Or, as some people call them, ‘Smashed Potatoes.’ Poor taters. They take such a beating.

6. Sweet Potatoes. Well, I’ve never been a fan of these, but I thought I’d mention them. Which is odd, since I am hopelessly addicted to sugar. But my dad could live off of these. Marshmallows? Orange food? Is this Halloween? Or are people this scary year round?

7. Mac & Cheese. Mac! and Cheese! Sounds like a great combo to me….. winks….

8. Corn Pudding. We take the sweetest vegetable and make it even sweeter! Damn us in the South. Or is that a nationwide dish? I usually assume anything with added pure cane is Southern. Or maybe that’s just how my parents make it.

9. Pumpkin Pie. Hell, ANY kind of pie pretty much rocks the house. “Pie.. must have pie…..” –Cartman from South Park.

10. Yeast Rolls. Don’t forget the bread!! Did you know bread has a lot of sugar in it as well? Thanks a lot, Morgan Spurlock, for teaching us about the sugar content in all foods. I think God needs to change the rules. Sugar makes you thin! THAT would rule. Totally.

It occurs to me now that I only mentioned food above… what a glutton!

But seriously, I’m most thankful for Family and Friends…. so Thanks, to all of you, for the gifts you all gave me.

Happy Thanksgiving All…..

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tori Fan is a blogger who resides in Northern Virginia.

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