A Great Second Saturday Morning Destination

A Great Second Saturday Morning Destination

There is a great Second Saturday morning destination in Macon thanks to the Wesleyan College Market.

And according to Wesleyan officials, the best is yet to come. Started in 2008 following a trip abroad by college trustees participating in the Student Leadership Institute, the one stop shop of privately produced goods and services is now a staple in the diet of Middle Georgians and others looking to diversify contents of their lives and humble abodes.

On any given weather friendly second Saturday morning, a host of independent vendors from across the Mid State can be seen pitching their products to wide eye wonderers looking for a steal of a deal. Choices are broad and include local farmers, retailers, non-profit organizations and pet agencies promoting adoptions. This coming together of a wide range of individuals in an effort to encourage local spending is one of the Market’s main goals says Wesleyan Market Director Hannah Gardner Doan. “The main point of the Market is to tie into what is in the community,” Doan said. “It’s (Wesleyan Market) just a good cycle of shopping local and supporting the people that live in your area as opposed to buying from corporations.”

Creating networking opportunities between vendors and customers is another by product of the Market. Naasira Love owns Fat Cat Baked Goodies and vends regularly at the northwest weekend hub with her husband. She suggests that the Market is a great place to meet people. “Most people go to the super market or mall, but this marketplace gives us a chance to show our stuff off.”

On a slightly brisk second Saturday morning this past fall Mala McCormick and her family made their way to the Wesleyan Market prior to taking in some Mercer University football. McCormick lives in Dallas and was persuaded to check out the market by family members she was visiting in Macon. Tightly clutching her newly purchased peanut brittle from onsite vendor Bits and Pieces, she described the Market as ideal, unique and just right. “We are trying to help people here with their little businesses.” said McCormick. “We should support them.”

For information regarding vending opportunities and attending the Wesleyan Market, call 478-757-5233. Additional information about the market can be obtained by visiting the college’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/Wesleyan Market.

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