Joey Stuckey: Blind Man Driving

20150424_185947At Shadow Sound Studios recently, a collection of nurses, musicians, writers and doctors came together to celebrate one thing — the successful British tour of Joey Stuckey. The intimate gathering showcased his new single and video, Blind Man Driving.

The humor filled video showed Stuckey hijacking a BMW to get to a performance. The single itself is a blues influenced track with pounding instrumentals, yet it gives off a sweet and sincere vibe.

The tour started on March 10. With Stuckey speaking at the “Visually Impaired Musicians’ Lives” Conference at The UCL Institute of Education, University of London. The conference blossomed from a research paper that grew into a two day event. It was geared to promote musical education for all people regardless of limitations. Attendees flew from across the world  from Africa to Latin America for the event. They discussed teaching techniques and exchanged stories about teaching music to the visually impaired. Stuckey pulled double duty as the primary speaker and performer.

During the conference, Stuckey gave a presentation called “Seeing the Light.” He explained that he wanted to  “Acknowledging my limitations where they exist, and then while I acknowledge them, I never define myself in terms of them.” He stressed that when it comes to the limitations it is all about having a solid, positive attitude. With that, anyone can develop a sense of fortitude to get through any situation despite any disability.

Stuckey also shared how he lost his sight from a brain tumor, his experiences getting through college successfully as a blind student, and how he wanted to be a surgeon, explaining that if he took the wrong organ out he can just put it back again. The musician followed the talk with a performance.

The official debut of Blind Man Driving was on March 12 at the Ivy House, a 1930s inspired pub where he signed copies and performed a set of original works followed by a set of his favorite UK artist, like The Beatles and George Michael.

On the March 13, the Macon Ambassador took time to take in the sights, visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum, taking The London Underground/Tube, and getting a ride on the London Eye.

During the celebration for the tour, multiple guests had an amazement for the musician. They admired his wit and great energy. During the presentation, Stuckey expressed his main goal in life is to have “music and bad jokes.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allexthea I. Carter‘s motto is, “Let your story be heard!” She is a storyteller by nature, and has a love for all forms of the process. Carter was raised in the military — daughter of a soldier (Father) and child of a teacher (Mother) — who grew up in Germany and South Korea. She metriculated at Howard University, which makes her a Bison. Follow Carter on Instagram and Twitter both @aicarter1.

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