The Clapton Recording Sessions

The Clapton Recording Sessions

Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions, 1963-1992Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions, 1963-1992 by Marc Roberty is a history of the recording career of Eric Clapton and his exhaustive lists of recording sessions. Also, it is, in many ways, a history of rock-and-roll.

From his early stints with the legendary Yardbirds, John Mayhall‘s Blues Breakers, and Cream, through his guest recordings with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, to his own ground-breaking solo career, Eric Clapton has been at the center of rock’s defining moments.

Eric Clapton Clapton biographer Marc Roberty has been granted unprecedented access to recording company vaults and has painstakingly documented all the recording sessions—both live and studio. Every detail is here. The information on unreleased songs and alternate takes is tantalizing; Clapton’s comments on the individual sessions are invaluable to the understanding of a musician whose virtuosity is rare in the world of popular music.

With dozens of rare photos and reproductions of Clapton memorabilia and notes from the recording session, Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions, 1963-1992 stands alone as the essential documentation of Clapton’s long and distinguished recording career. This compendium includes:


Marc Roberty is the world’s leading authority on Eric Clapton. He is author of Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton, and for ten years was the editor of the official Clapton fan club’s newsletter. He lives in Middlesex, England.

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