Prosperity After Rejection

Keondria Mallard is an inspirational example of “prosperity after rejection.” In the heat of August, hair stylist Mallard received an unusual phone call from her employer. She was informed that her “season was up” and she needed to clear out all her belongings by Friday. She was told that Wednesday which gave her only two days. There was no warning that the dismissal was on its way. She took this set back and used it as a starting point to make a long time dream come true, opening her own salon. She opened Beauty and Beyond in her hometown of Montezuma in September.

Beauty and Beyond
Keondria Mallard (Left) and Shantray Ross stand outside Mallard’s shop in Montezuma, Georgia.

“Where is there for me to go,” was the first thought that went through Mallard’s mind. “I decided immediately to find work. But when I found work I didn’t like so I decided to find my own shop.” Mallard, along with the fellow stylist, Shantray Ross were blind sited. Especially since a meeting was scheduled to discuss the communication problems in the shop. It was one of a string of meetings that were cancelled.

Instead of holding a grudge Monique turned the dismissal into an opportunity to make a lifelong dream come true. “I was always into hair ever since I was a little child,” said Mallard. She said enjoys the process of making hair healthy and making women feel good. “It’s a passion,” she said.  She went home and in a matter of weeks she found her shop. It was once owned by the woman once mentored her growth as a stylist. Shantray Ross has witness Mallard from the beginning of her career. It was her who suggested that she work for the shop in 2008 first as an assistant. Ross always saw Mallard’s love for hair, “When she was a teenager she would show me how to do things.” She opened her own hair salon. In September she had a grand opening.

To others who find themselves in the same situation Mallard advises, “Be patient always put god first and never give up. No matter what the situation is always forgive, it’s hard to forget but always forgive the person not matter what they had done to you. At first when the situation had happened I did have a lot of anger and grudges. But after I kept praying and trusting in God. Today I forgave her but I can never forget the situation and what had happen. But don’t hold grudges against the person no matter how bad they hurt you.”

Mallard has said that business is going great!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allexthea I. Carter‘s motto is, “Let your story be heard!” She is a storyteller by nature, and has a love for all forms of the process. Carter was raised in the military — daughter of a soldier (Father) and child of a teacher (Mother) — who grew up in Germany and South Korea. She metriculated at Howard University, which makes her a Bison. Follow Carter on Instagram and Twitter both @aicarter1.

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