Spyro Gyra Comes to Town

Spyro Gyra Comes to Town

Jazz fusion band, Spyro Gyra, recently performed a concert in Macon. It was an awesome concert and a chance to hear some familiar favorites by the iconic group, as well as an opportunity to preview new music on the band’s soon-to-be-released upcoming album.

Primarily hailing from Buffalo, New York, Spyro Gyra has been in existence for almost 40 years, performed at over 5,000 live shows, and sold more than ten million albums. The band creates a sound that combines jazz with elements of R&B, funk, pop, and Caribbean music. Jay Beckenstein, founding member of the band, is quoted on their Web site as saying that it was “…funny how people didn’t know what to make of it then [in the beginning], and now it’s so ubiquitous.”

Spyro Gyra was first known simply as “Tuesday Night Jazz Jams,” performing covers of R&B songs around Buffalo, but they quickly began to play at more venues, became the regular house band at a local establishment, and soon started landing opening slots for national acts. Since then, they have become world famous and released 30 albums (not counting “Best Of…” compilations). The award-winning band has received Grammy nominations for each of their last four albums.

With the exception of founding bandleader Jay Beckenstein (saxophonist and songwriter) and Tom Schuman (keyboardist), the personnel has changed over time, and between the studio and the live stage. Today, Julio Fernandez (guitarist and vocalist) is in his third decade with the band, Scott Ambush (bass player) made his studio debut with Spyro Gyra in 1992 on the album “Three Wishes” and Lee Pearson (drummer and percussionist) joined the group 2011.

The band performed the following setlist:

  Catching the Sun
I Know What You Mingus
Not Unlike That
Wishful Thinking
Odds Get Even
Daddy’s Got a New Girl
Morning Dance

Some of the photos taken at the concert are posted in the gallery below.

Spyro Gyra

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