The A-Team Drinking Game

The A-Team Drinking Game

Play “The A-Team Drinking Game” while you watching The A-Team, an action/adventure series that originally aired on NBC from January 1983 to March 1987. The action centers around former members of a fictitious United States Army Special Forces unit. It was produced by

Stephen J. Cannell and starred George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz, Mr. T, Melinda Culea, Marla Heasley, Eddie Velez, Robert Vaughn.

This drinking game is provided for entertainment purposes only. Please drink responsibly! **

Drink when:

  • When George Peppard appears in costume or disguise, drink.
  • When Hannibal breaks out a cigar, drink.
  • When BA must be tricked onto an airplane (i.e. put under) drink 3 times.
  • When Murdoch is busted out of a mental ward, drink 4 times.
  • When the antagonist has an accent, drink.
  • When a jeep flips over, drink. (Lands on its side, once. Otherwise, twice.)
  • If the episode takes place in a foreign country, drink.
  • When anyone calls Murdoch crazy, drink.
  • If BA calls him crazy, drink twice.
  • Whenever Face woos a girl to get supplies, drink.
  • Face kisses a girl: drink.
  • Every time someone is thrown over the camera, drink.
  • If BA throws someone through furniture or a window, drink.
  • Whenever they bust out guns, drink.
  • If they use a grenade, drink twice.
  • When anything explodes, drink.
  • If a super vehicle creation involves a flamethrower, drink 3 times!
  • If a handicapped person appears, drink.
  • If a biker gang are the antagonists, drink. If they are protagonists, drink twice.
  • If any Battlestar Galactica reference is made, finish your drink!
  • When BA drives the van, drink.
  • When Murdoch flies a chopper or plane, drink.
  • If Colonel Decker catches up to the A-Team, finish drink.
  • If BA says “foo,” “sucka” or “chump,” drink!
  • Whenever Face acts smug, drink. (Open to a lot of interpretation).
  • Any time the music is a variation of the A-Team theme, drink!
  • Drink whenever Murdoch switches personalities.
  • “To be continued” episode — finish drink.
  • If BA befriends a child, drink.
  • If the camera gets wet during a car chase, drink.
  • Any time the team finds a welder or oxygen cutter in an old shed, drink twice.

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The A=team Drinking Game
** RetroWarehouse does not endorse or support the dangerous drinking of large amounts of alcohol and is not responsible for any ill effects or injury that result from playing

The A-Team Drinking Game. You are responsible for your actions and decisions. We advise substituting all alcohols involved or mentioned in any games with non-alcoholic beverages, and we strongly discourage underage drinking and alcohol abuse. Visit Alcoholics Anonymous if you have a drinking problem.

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