Top 10 Foods You Should Never Eat

Top 10 Foods You Should Never Eat

There are a lot of “…Never Eat” lists out there—just do a Google search, but the following list is posted directly from a book by Dr. Ted Broer, founder of HealthMasters, who says that this should double your energy in 30 days. By the way, Blueberries are not on this list of “Don’t Eats!”

The publication, entitled Maximum Energy Book, mentions the following “Don’t Eat” items.

  1. Luncheon meats / processed meats
  2. Artificial sweeteners / diet sodas
  3. Margarine or hydrogenated oil / peanut butter
  4. Shellfish
  5. Junk food
  6. MSG
  7. Chlorine and fluoride in the water supply
  8. High fat dairy
  9. Caffeine
  10. Alcohol

Also, check out this link to a review of Dr. Ted Broer’s Ten Health Tips Against Colds and Flu — it is good stuff, too!

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