Fun Things To Do at Christmas

Fun Things To Do at Christmas

Curse the fool who invented wrapping paper. Or is that just me and my inability to wrap properly?? Anyway, here are some fun things to do at Christmas!

  • Spike the eggnog, and drink about five cups. Stare quizzically at people and complain of too many blinking lights.
  • Holler every hour or so, “I hear reindeer on the roof!”
  • Marvel at the brightness of the color red.
  • Tell carolers, “You people are so off-key, my cat is enjoying this.”
  • Threaten to wear mistletoe on your head for one week, while you attack people.
  • Demand to know the nutritional value of fried oysters (Southern traditional Christmas food).
  • Tell the little drummer boy/girl to “Play me some Metallica.”
  • Pretend you are a shepherd and tell people, “I must attend to my flock.”


Happy Holidays! from Torifan

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tori Fan is a blogger who resides in Northern Virginia.


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