Con Air

Quick Take: Cameron Poe was wrongly sentenced to jail for a murder he committed in only self-defense. After several years of "hard time", Poe has a chance to reunite with his family, but only with a few obstacles on the way.

West, Simon

115 minutes
running time

year released



Review: Nicholas Cage gave one of his most exalting performaces in this film. He starred as Cameron Poe, a Navy Ranger who was convicted for a murder, but only of self-defense.

After years of "good" behavior, Poe will finally be released to his wife and daughter, whom of which he`s only seen pictures of since she was born. He catches a plane ride with the nation`s most dangerous criminals with only a stuffed animal to give to his little girl and intent to establish a new home with his family.

But putting the most psychopathic cases on one plane, means big problems up in the air. Poe has to endure a take over initiated by Cyrus the Virus(Malkovich). Which to me, resembles the anarchy in the short story "Animal Farm".

With lots of adventure on and off the ground, this is a movie that both sexes can enjoy. Men get the satisfaction of blood, guts and glory. And women are satisfied by the romance and even off-beat comedy this movie presents.

Cage, Nicolas
Cusack, John
Malkovich, John
Rhames, Ving
Trejo, Danny
Buscemi, Steve
Ticotin, Rachel
Meaney, Colm
Gainey, M.C.

Emmanuel Lopez

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