Quick Take: A shy woman, endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, even as a detective doggedly pursues her, fascinated by both of her personas.


105 minutes
running time

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Torifanís Rating...

Torifanís review: Okay, I know Catwoman has been universally panned by just about everyone, including Halle Berry (its star), but I just don't get it! This was a GREAT movie!! It had action, good direction (a nice, semi-dark mood throughout), and it was more entertaining than the last three Batman films combined. I'm sure you know the basic plot. Good Employee (Halle Berry) sees Company in shady dealings, so they have her killed. A swarm of cats come and revive her as she lay in the rain dying. When she wakes up the next day, she has a heightened sense of smell and hearing, always lands on her feet, likes milk a lot more, and sheds like crazy. Haha! Okay, maybe she doesn't shed. She's Halle Berry, after all!! But she does look fly in her tight black catsuit. And she clearly kicks you-know-what as she hunts down and takes care of the bad guys.

As much as I liked this film, I did find the stunts and the acting near the end to be very comical. Bean and I agreed, we've never seen a person fly off a building and topple over like a stiff acrobat. You'd have to see this scene to understand. And it was Sharon Stone, too! I like Sharon, but her acting bordered on the comic in this scene. The plot could have been more intricate, perhaps, or more thought out, but I think comic book fans and action movie fans alike will enjoy this film. And don't forget the extras! Extras include the comic excerpts, which show Catwoman taking a shower with gritted teeth. Bean and I can only refer to this as an 'angry shower,' because the character looks like she is thinking about something in an angry way as she showers. An angry shower. We figured it was like, if you were Obsessive-Compulsive, and you wanted to get the germs and dirt off. You'd be, like, 'Off, dirt! I'm getting ANGRY!' haha! It was worth it to see that classic picture alone. So remember that, folks. Maybe an angry shower will help soothe all of your troubles. And if it doesn't, well, drink some milk and try a tight black suit. Here's hoping for a sequel!

Berry, Halle
Bratt, Benjamin
Stone, Sharon
Wilson, Lambert
Conroy, Frances
Borstein, Alex
Massee, Michael
Mann, Byron
Smith, Kim
Heyerdahl, Christopher

Emmanuel Lopez

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