Quick Take: A man blinded by toxic waste which also enhanced his remaining senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero.

Johnson, Mark Steven

103 minutes
running time

year released



Torifanís Rating...

Torifanís review: Being a long time superhero fan, you'd think I would have heard of Daredevil. This was a new character to me, but I was intrigued from the start. This film was not well received by critics, but I thought it was excellent. I bought it for the actors in it, and because I thought it looked like a fun film. I was not disappointed.

Matt Murdock (as an adult, Ben Affleck) is a boy who is blinded in an accident partially caused by his father, who works for the mob and is a washed up prize fighter. Matt and his father make a vow to do good things with their lives, and this promise spurs Matt to become a lawyer and pursue justice as the Daredevil when he sees criminals go free.

He has a special vow to get The Kingpin brought to justice, for reasons I won't say here as I don't want to blow anything. The Kingpin has a serious henchman in Bullseye (Colin Farrell), who never misses his target. Matt also has a relationship with Elektra (Jennifer Garner, excellent as ever), who mistakenly thinks Daredevil is responsible for a tragedy in her life.

This film has an interesting directing technique in that we see things the way Matt sees them, in a blue cloud, at times. We also hear things the way he does, for certain scenes. With surround sound, it can be a little unnerving. I enjoyed this technique though and found it to be highly original. The film also had plenty of action, and a good story. I recommend it!

Affleck, Ben
Garner, Jennifer
Farrell, Colin
Duncan, Michael Clarke
Favreau, Jon
Terra, Scott
Pompeo, Ellen
Pantoliano, Joe
Orser, Leland
Loftin, Lennie

Emmanuel Lopez

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