Uptown Girls

Quick Take: A New York socialite takes a job as a nanny of a precocious child to regain the respect of her boyfriend.

Yakin, Boaz

92 minutes
running time

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Torifanís Rating...

Torifanís review: Mark this as one of those 'Movies to Avoid at All Costs.' I have never been so bored in a movie in my life. I went to this one because a friend of mine had suggested it. I like Dakota Fanning, a young child actress who was previously seen in I Am Sam. As talented as this young girl is, she could not save this travesty of a film. Brittany Murphy was also in the movie, as the daughter of a deceased rock star, who has lived the 'good life' for all of her twenty-two years, and, guess what? It's time for her to learn humility. Dakota Fanning portrays a spoiled child of a record producer. So, as you can predict, they both learn from each other. Awww... isn't that sweet. Not really. In this film, we have absolutely no reason to sympathize with Murphy's character, as she comes off as a spoiled, ridiculous girl who just really needs to grow up.

The sad thing is, she is supposed to grow up by the end of this film. I saw very little evidence of that with this overly sappy, predictable ending. You can guess what happens: Rich girl sees herself in little rich kid, and tries to find peace with herself and her life. This might be a compelling story if it were not so dull and overdone. Fanning's character was more likable, only because she is such a divine actress. There are other characters in this film, but why mention them here? They are cardboard cutouts and are as underdeveloped as the main characters. In the end, I was seriously considering asking for my money back. Please folks, don't waste your time. This one isn't even a rental. Unless you're looking for a good nap.

Murphy, Brittany
Fanning, Dakota
Shelton, Marley
Faison, Donald
Spencer, Jesse
Pendleton, Austin
Locklear, Heather
Toale, Will
Hugot, Marceline
James, Pell

Emmanuel Lopez

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