X2: X-Men United

Quick Take: The X-Men band together to find a mutant assassin who has made an attempt on the President`s life, while the Mutant Academy is attacked by military forces.

Singer, Bryan

133 minutes
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Torifanís Rating...

Torifanís review: The X-Men series appeals to me because itís got deeper meanings than your ordinary Super Hero series. Sure, Spiderman had teenage angst (somewhat), and Batman was so very dark, but the X-Men series is all about feeling accepted for who you are, and equality among all of us. I like that theme because it goes hand in hand with what I believe about our world. I live in a fantasy world a lot of the time, Iíve been told. I agree; as a kid and a teenager, fantasy was what helped me get through the worst. I saw reality from the very start of my life, in its harshest form (I was a sick child; long story there), and all I ever wanted to do was escape. So I like it when movies provide just the right amount of reality and fiction.

X-Men 2 blew me away with the special effects. I am a special effects nut: I grew up on the very best in special effects (that would be ILM; the masters of special effects) and I go nuts over great special effects. This movie had some of the best Iíve seen in a long time. Interesting direction too... I like unique camera angles and such. This movie had a good pace, and was even better than its predecessor. Iíd say the Summer Movie Season got started with a bang.

Some new characters were introduced in this filmÖ I kept waiting for The Incredible Clown to show up (oh wait, thatís not an X-Men character, thatís me!) or The Cracker (Dang, me again!) ...but seriously, I loved Alan Cumming. Heís a cutie. But my favorite character of them all, Dr. Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) has an interesting plot developmentÖ which I wonít blow here... but it is cool. An X-Men comic reader filled me in on the character... cool stuff! Canít wait for part three... So, go see it!

Stewart, Patrick
Jackman, Hugh
McKellen, Ian
Berry, Halle
Janssen, Famke
Marsden, James
Paquin, Anna
Romijn-Stamos, Rebecca
Cox, Brian
Cumming, Alan

Emmanuel Lopez

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