Quick Take: A man traumatized by the memories of terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom is forced to return home several years later to face his fears.

Kay, Stephen T.

89 minutes
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Torifanís Rating...

Torifanís review: So, I never believed in The Boogeyman as a kid. I think the urban legend is that he hides under the bed and in closets and snatches little kids. I was never scared of those places, because 1) I had a nightlight; 2) I yelled for Mom after every nightmare (which, I was nightmare prone as a child-had them constantly! Therapists, give me some feedback about why that was!); and 3) I was terrified of the little door that led to the attic which was in my room instead. How many sleepless nights spent staring at that door? Thanks a lot, house contractor, for scarring a little kid! In any case, I knew the legend. But then, I tend to know ALL of the legends, just because I love that stuff.

So in this film, the main character Tim (Barry Watson) is haunted by The Boogeyman due to an incident from his childhood where he swears his father was taken by said Boogeyman. Tim's mother dies at the film's outset, forcing him to return home and eventually learn he must confront The Boogeyman in order to be rid of him for good. Along the way he runs into ghostly children, Emily Deschanel (that's one family that all looks and sounds alike! You may remember her sister Zooey from Elf) and some odd things like his uncle who pops in out of nowhere and a children's hospital where he was apparently treated as a child. The most important thing to note about this film is: It's scary!! Bean kept grabbing my arm and yelling, 'I want to go home!' And I kept yelling, 'Jesus Christ!'

The eerie feeling was there, for sure. And even though you KNEW when he opened that closet door he'd get attacked, you were still scared by it all. The Boogeyman himself was a special effects creation, not bad, but clearly someone was having fun playing with the black colors on their computer. All in all, we liked it. We like anything that genuinely scares us. Sothe next time you go to sleep, be wary of noises in the closet. If you see a spooky black hand creeping out of the door, be sure to yell our mantra, "I wanna go home!!" Between that and all of the pleas for God, I think you'll be fine.

Watson, Barry
Deschanel, Emily
Bartusiak, Skye McCole
Mussett, Tory
Glover, Andrew
Lawless, Lucy
Mesure, Charles
Gordon, Philip
Murphy, Aaron
Rucker, Jennifer

Emmanuel Lopez

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