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Quick Take: A notorious mob boss is going soft and seeks assistance from a psychiatrist not particularly enthused about taking on such a client (but he doesn`t have a choice!). The situation sets up a lot of laughs.

Ramis, Harold

106 minutes
running time

year released



Review: Robert De Niro plays a mobster that seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He`s going soft, crying unexpectedly, and generally not acting very "mob-like" (which could leave him very vulnerable should his archenemy find out). However, De Niro`s character Paul Vitti gets a break when the business card of a psychiatrist name Ben Sobol (played by Billy Crystal) is found after a funny instant where Crystal`s character has a run in with the gangsters.

The story itself is made believable and terrific acting sells it fully. Understandably, our psychiatrist is not particularly interested in taking on his persistent client who manages to annoy and boss him around. To throw more into the mix, Sobol is getting married and finds his life thrown into turmoil as the mob boss follows him to his wedding and then ends up having a few casualties of war from his feud with another mob boss.

Lots of laughs and fun are made as the actors do a superb job of not over doing their lines and masterfully working the scenes.

De Niro, Robert
Crystal, Billy
Kudrow, Lisa
Palminteri, Chazz
Viterelli, Joe

Emmanuel Lopez

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