Blast from The Past

Quick Take: It`s 1962 and John Kennedy comes on TV to announce the Cuban Missle Crisis. One family is especially ready and, without hesitation, locks themselves in a bomb shelter. They emerge 35 years later to find they made a mistake, and that a lot has changed!

Wilson, Hugh

106 minutes
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Review: It`s 1962 and John Kennedy comes on TV to announce the Cuban Missle Crisis. One couple is especially ready and, without hesitation, climb into their bomb shelter. As chance would have it, a plane crash above triggers their heat-sensitive lock to lock them in. They emerge 35 years later to eventually find, oops, they made a mistake!!! The story for this comedy is set up nicely and helps deliver some really funny moments.

While in their bomb shelter, the couple have a baby and, of course, name him Adam (the adult Adam played nicely by Brendan Fraser). Adam grows up sheltered from the Los Angeles world that is still evolving above. In the shelter he learns all the "normal" things a young man should know: how to dance, sciences, math, and good manners. The well-stocked shelter provides them with all the comforts of home (and is comically decorated exactly as such): they can watch Jackie Gleason reruns, listen to music, play with a great collection of baseball cards, and eat tuna casserole frequently.

At last, the day has arrived when the time lock on their shelter doors open and they may venture out. Adam is sent for supplies and, if he gets lucky, to find a woman he might be able to bring back with him -- if she does not glow in the dark. A bar run by a drugged-out hippy now sits where their home was -- and Adam`s emergence from the shelter creates quite a funny surprise. In fact, the neighborhood has deteriorated badly and some extremely "odd" characters make for emusing encounters.

Eventually Adam meets a girl named Eve (perhaps a little overdone, but what the heck). Eve finds Adam very strange, but soon finds his innocence very charming. Adam ends up adapting quickly in the world above despite his misunderstandings.

The movie does an artful job of offering a mild social commentary, and ultimately serves up for some great comedic entertainment.

Fraser, Brendan
Walken, Christopher
Spacek, Sissy
Foley, Dave

Emmanuel Lopez

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