Never Been Kissed

Quick Take: Drew Barrymore lets the "innocent" side of her come out in this particular role. She plays a quiet, non-agressive editor who goes back to high school, undercover, to find a story that will enhance the image of the newspaper she works for.

Gosnell, Raja

107 minutes
running time

year released



Review: Even though Josie`s sense of no-style and naivete makes one want to slap some sense into her, it`s a light-hearted story that many can enjoy.

Back in Josie`s high school years she was known as "Josie Grossie". Needless to say she was not at all part of the "in" group. But at age 25, she is now one of the youngest copy editors for the Chicago Herald.

She finally gets the chance to go back to high school and start all over for an undercover assignment for the newspaper. There, Josie will try to find a "feature story" that will bring great acknowledgment to the newspaper. While undercover, Josie let`s loose of some of her inihibitions and becomes a more free-spirited person. She finds out what it`s like to be a teenager in this day and age and she also finds herself falling in love with her Shakespeare teacher.

While all the other co-editors believe that Teacher-Student relationships may be the "big" story to cover, Josie puts her confidence forward and finds a different story that saves her new found-love`s face and puts forth a different story that many high school "nerds" can relate to.

Barrymore, Drew
Arquette, David
Vartan, Michael
Shannon, Molly
Leelee Sobieski
Reilly, John C.
Marshall, Garry
Jordan, Jeremy

Emmanuel Lopez

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