Amazing Grace

Quick Take: The idealist William Wilberforce maneuvers his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade.

Apted, Michael

111 minutes
running time

year released



According to Motivatorman:

The biographical drama film, Amazing Grace, is about the courageous mission of William Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffudd) to end the slave trade in the British Empire in the late 1700’s. His journey would include the support of his close friend, William Pitt (Benedict Cumberbatch), wife Barbara Spooner (Romola Garai) and former mentor and author of the "Amazing Grace" hymn lyrics, John Newton (Albert Finney). With powerful performances, beautiful scenery, lush period costumes and settings, this film is a powerful example of one man’s enduring passion, vision and resilience to help change the world.

The Trailer:

Gruffudd, Ioan
Gaai, Romola
Cumberbatch, Benedict
Finney, Albert
Gambon, Michael
Sewell, Rufus
N`Dour Youssou
Hinds, Ciaran
Jones, Toby
Farrell, Nicholas

Emmanuel Lopez

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Corbin, Barry: Critters 2: The Main Course
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Costner, Kevin: Message in a Bottle
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Cox, Alan: Young Sherlock Holmes
Cox, Brian: Adaptation
Cox, Brian: Match Point
Cox, Brian: X2: X-Men United
Cox, Courteney: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Cox, Ronny: Total Recall
Cox, Ronny: Beverly Hills Cop II
Cox, Ronny: Murder at 1600
Coyote, Peter: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Coyote, Peter: Sphere
Cozart, Cylk: Conspiracy Theory
Craig, Daniel: Road To Perdition
Craven, Matt: Crimson Tide
Crawford, Joan: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Crewson, Wendy: Air Force One
Cromwell, James: Avenger
Cromwell, James: Revenge of the Nerds
Crook, Mackenzie: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Crook, Mackenzie: Brothers Grimm, The
Cross, Ben: First Knight
Cross, T.J.: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Crouse, Lindsay: House of Games
Cruise, Tom: Days of Thunder
Cruise, Tom: Top Gun
Cruise, Tom: Cocktail
Cruise, Tom: A Few Good Men
Cruise, Tom: Far and Away
Cruise, Tom: Born on The Fourth of July
Cruise, Tom: Rain Man
Cruise, Tom: War of The Worlds
Cryer, Jon: Pretty in Pink
Crystal, Billy: Analyze This
Crystal, Billy: My Giant
Crystal, Billy: City Slickers
Crystal, Billy: City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly`s Gold
Csokas, Marton: Aeon Flux
Cube, Ice: Boyz N The Hood
Cumberbatch, Benedict: Amazing Grace
Cumming, Alan: Spice World
Cumming, Alan: X2: X-Men United
Cunningham, Liam: First Knight
Currie, Finlay: Ben Hur
Curtis, Cliff: Six Days, Seven Nights
Curtis, Cliff: Virus
Curtis, Jamie Lee: Virus
Curtis, Liane: Critters 2: The Main Course
Curtis, Tony: Some Like it Hot
Cusack, John: Con Air
Cusack, John: Identity
Cusack, John: Better Off Dead

D`Onofrio, Vince: Full Metal Jacket
D`Onofrio, Vincent Philip: Adventures in Babysitting
Dafoe, Willem: Born on The Fourth of July
Dafoe, Willem: Finding Nemo
Dafoe, Willem: Last Temptation of Christ, The
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Daly, Tim: Object of My Affection, The
Damon, Gabriel: Land Before Time, The
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Damon, Matt: Brothers Grimm, The
Danes, Claire: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Dangerfield, Rodney: Caddyshack
Daniels, Anthony: Empire Strikes Back, The
Daniels, Jeff: 101 Dalmations
Daniels, Jeff: Arachnophobia
Daniels, Jeff: Dumb & Dumber
Daniels, William: Blind Date
Daniels, William: Black Sunday
Darby, Kim: Better Off Dead
Davenport, Jack: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
David, Thayer: Eiger Sanction
Davis, Bette: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Davis, Geena: A League of Their Own
Davis, Geena: Beetlejuice
Davis, Warwick: Willow
Dawn Chong, Rae: Color Purple, The
Day, Doris: Midnight Lace
de Havilland, Olivia: Heiress, The
De Mornay, Rebecca: A Girl Thing
De Niro, Robert: Wag The Dog
De Niro, Robert: Analyze This
De Niro, Robert: Goodfellas
De Soto, Rosana: La Bamba
De Young, Cliff: F/X
Deakins, Lucy: Boy Who Could Fly, The
Deezen, Eddie: Polar Express, The
Defoe, Willem: Speed 2: Cruise Control
DeGeneres, Ellen: Finding Nemo
Dench, Judi: A Room With A View
Dench, Judi: Shipping News, The
Dennehy, Brian: F/X
Dennehy, Brian: Tommy Boy
Denzongpa, Danny: Seven Years in Tibet
Depardieu, Gerard: Man in The Iron Mask, The
Depp, Johnny: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Derek, Bo: Tommy Boy
Dern, Bruce: Black Sunday
DeSando, Anthony: Party Girl
Deschanel, Emily: Boogeyman
DeSoto, Rosana: Family Business
DeVito, Danny: Batman Returns
DeVito, Danny: Get Shorty
DeVito, Danny: Twins
Dewhurst, Colleen: Boy Who Could Fly, The
Di Luzio, Gabriella: Malèna
Diamond Phillips, Lou: La Bamba
Diaz, Cameron: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Diaz, Guillermo: Party Girl
DiCaprio, Leonardo: Man in The Iron Mask, The
DiCaprio, Leonardo: Aviator, The
Dietrich, Marlene: Judgment at Nuremberg
Dillane, Stephen: Hours, The
Dillon, Kevin: Platoon
Dillon, Paul: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Divine: Hairspray
Divoff, Andrew: Another 48 Hours
Dixon, Jill: A Night to Remember
Doolittle, John: Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Dorn, Michael: Star Trek: Nemesis
Douglas, Illeana: Message in a Bottle
Douglas, Michael: Basic Instinct
Douglas, Michael: A Chorus Line
Douglas, Michael: Black Rain
Douglas, Michael: Coma
Downey Jr., Robert: U.S. Marshalls
Downey, Robert: To Live and Die in L.A.
Downing, Frank: Coma
Downs, Janes: A Night to Remember
Drake, Claudia: Detour
Drescher, Fran: Cadillac Man
Dreyfuss, Richard: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Dreyfuss, Richard: Krippendorf`s Tribe
Driver, Minnie: Good Will Hunting
Driver, Minnie: Phantom of The Opera, The
Duff, Haylie: Napoleon Dynamite
Duffell, Bee: Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Duffy, Karen: Dumb & Dumber
Dumont, Margaret: Duck Soup
Dun, Dennis: Big Trouble in Little China
Dunaway, Faye: Network
Duncan, Michael Clarke: Daredevil
Dunn, Kevin: Snake Eyes
Dunne, Griffin: After Hours
Dunsmuir, John: Golf Specialist, The
Dunst, Kirsten: Spiderman 2
Durning, Charles: Dick Tracy
Dushku, Eliza: Wrong Turn
Duval, James: Gone in Sixty Seconds
DuVall, Clea: Identity
Duvall, Robert: Days of Thunder
Duvall, Robert: Colors
Duvall, Robert: Apostle, The
Duvall, Robert: Phenomenon
Duvall, Robert: A Civil Action
Duvall, Robert: Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
Duvall, Robert: Sling Blade
Duvall, Robert: Deep Impact
Duvall, Robert: Godfather, The
Duvall, Robert: Network
Dyrenforth, James: A Night to Remember
Dzundza, George: Crimson Tide

Earl Jones, James: Field of Dreams
Eastwood, Clint: Eiger Sanction
Eastwood, Clint: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Eastwood, Clint: Firefox
Ebersole, Christine: Ghost Dad
Eckhart, Aaron: Paycheck
Edson, Richard: Platoon
Edward Burns: Life or Something Like It
Edwards, Anthony: Top Gun
Edwards, Anthony: Revenge of the Nerds
Eigenberg, David: Mothman Prophecies, The
Elfman, Jenna: Krippendorf`s Tribe
Eli, Josh: Polar Express, The
Elizabeth, Shannon: American Pie
Elliott, Denholm: A Room With A View
Elliott, Sam: Hulk
Elliott, Sam: Avenger
Elliott, Stephen: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Ellison, Jennifer: Phantom of The Opera, The
Elwes, Cary: Liar Liar
Elwes, Cary: Princess Bride, The
Emanuel, Ron: Mothman Prophecies, The
Embry, Ethan: Can`t Hardly Wait
Emmet Walsh, M.: Critters
Eng, Scott: Wildcats
English, Cameron: A Chorus Line
Englund, Robert: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Enquist, Stephan: Darkness
Erickson, Yvonne: Mothman Prophecies, The
Ermey, Lee: Full Metal Jacket
Erwin, Bill: Somewhere in Time
Esposito, Giancarlo: School Daze
Essler, Fred: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Estevez, Emilio: Repo Man
Evans, Chris: Fantastic Four

F. Geigerman, Clarice: Driving Miss Daisy
Facinelli, Peter: Can`t Hardly Wait
Faison, Donald: Uptown Girls
Falk, Peter: Princess Bride, The
Famiglietti, Mark: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Fanning, Dakota: Uptown Girls
Fanning, Dakota: War of The Worlds
Farley, Chris: Tommy Boy
Farrell, Colin: Daredevil
Farrell, Nicholas: Amazing Grace
Farrell, Tom Riis: Out of Towners, The
Farrow, Mia: A Girl Thing
Faulkner, James: Bridget Jones Diary
Favreau, Jon: Daredevil
Fawcett, Farrah: Apostle, The
Federico, Luciano: Malèna
Fehmiu, Bekim: Black Sunday
Felton, Tom: Borrowers, The
Feore, Colm: Paycheck
Fernández, Paula: Darkness
Ferrell, Tyre: Boyz N The Hood
Ferrell, Will: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Ferrigno, Lou: Hulk
Feuer, Debra: To Live and Die in L.A.
Fichtner, William: Contact
Field, Sally: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Field, Sally: Mrs. Doubtfire
Fields, Tony: A Chorus Line
Fields, W.C.: Golf Specialist, The
Fields, W.C.: Million Dollar Legs
Finch, Peter: Network
Finland, Natalie: Labyrinth
Finlay-McLennan, Stewart: National Treasure
Finn, George: Youngblood
Finnegan, Tom: Repo Man
Finney, Albert: Amazing Grace
Fiorentino, Linda: After Hours
Firkins, Christine: Speed 2: Cruise Control
Firth, Colin: Bridget Jones Diary
Fishburne, Larry: School Daze
Fishburne, Larry: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Fishburne, Larry: Boyz N The Hood
Fishburne, Laurence: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Fisher, Carrie: Empire Strikes Back, The
Fisher, David Dayan: National Treasure
Fitzgerald, Geraldine: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Fitzpatrick, Colleen: Hairspray
Flanagan, Markus: Biloxi Blues
Fleetwood, Susan: Young Sherlock Holmes
Fleischer, Charles: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Fleming, Susan: Million Dollar Legs
Fletcher, Louise: Boy Who Could Fly, The
Fluegel, Darlanne: To Live and Die in L.A.
Foley, Dave: Blast from The Past
Fonda, Bridget: Doc Hollywood
Fontaine, Brooke: Ghost Dad
Ford, Harrison: Empire Strikes Back, The
Ford, Harrison: Air Force One
Ford, Harrison: Devil`s Own, The
Ford, Harrison: Six Days, Seven Nights
Ford, Harrison: Sabrina
Forlani, Claire: Meet Joe Black
Fosse, Nicole: A Chorus Line
Foster, Gloria: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Foster, Jodie: Silence of The Lambs, The
Foster, Jodie: Contact
Fox, Michael J.: Doc Hollywood
Fox, Michael J.: Back to The Future
Fox, Michael J.: Back to The Future, Part III
Fox, Michael J.: Secret of My Success, The
Frakes, Jonathan: Star Trek: Nemesis
Francis, Genie: Thunderbirds
Franco, James: Spiderman 2
Franklin, Diane: Better Off Dead
Franz, Dennis: City of Angels
Franz, Dennis: Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Franz, Elizabeth: A Girl Thing
Fraser, Brendan: Mummy, The
Fraser, Brendan: Blast from The Past
Fraser, Hugh: 101 Dalmations
Frederick, Vicki: A Chorus Line
Freed, Bert: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Freeman, Mona: Heiress, The
Freeman, Morgan: Driving Miss Daisy
Freeman, Morgan: Deep Impact
Freeman, Morgan: War of The Worlds
French, Susan: Somewhere in Time
Frey, Sami: Black Widow
Friedman, Kinky: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Friedman, Peter: Paycheck
Fulton, Soren: Thunderbirds
Furlong, Edward: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

G. Waites, Thomas: Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Gaai, Romola: Amazing Grace
Gaines, Richard: Double Indemnity
Gainey, M.C.: Con Air
Gale, Eddra: Somewhere in Time
Gallagher, Peter: While You Were Sleeping
Galligan, Zach: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Gamble, Mason: Dennis The Menace
Gambon, Michael: Amazing Grace
Gan Boyd, Jan: A Chorus Line
Garcia, Andy: Black Rain
Garfield, Allen: Beverly Hills Cop II
Garland, Judy: Wizard of Oz, The
Garland, Judy: Judgment at Nuremberg
Garner, Jennifer: Daredevil
Garr, Teri: Michael
Garr, Teri: After Hours
Garr, Teri: Dumb & Dumber
Garrett, Brad: Finding Nemo
Gaudry, Yvonne: Wrong Turn
Gavin, John: Midnight Lace
Gay Harden, Marcia: Flubber
Gaye, Nona: Polar Express, The
Gaylord, Mitch: American Anthem
Gazelle, Wendy: Net, The
Gazzo, Michael V.: Black Sunday
Georgeson, Tom: A Fish Called Wanda
Gere, Rchard: Mothman Prophecies, The
Gere, Richard: Jackal, The
Gere, Richard: First Knight
Gere, Richard: Unfaithful
Gershon, Gina: Face/Off
Getz, John: Don`t Tell Mom The Babysitter`s Dead
Giamatti, Paul: Paycheck
Giannini, Giancarlo: Darkness
Gibb, Cynthia: Youngblood
Gibson, Mel: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Gibson, Mel: Conspiracy Theory
Gielgud, John: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Gilbert, Lauren: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Gill, Glover: Waking Life
Gillett, Aden: Borrowers, The
Gilliam, Seth: Starship Troopers
Gilliam, Terry: Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Gillies, Daniel: Spiderman 2
Giuffrè, Aldo: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Gleason, Pat: Detour
Gleason, Paul: Die Hard
Glenn, Scott: Silence of The Lambs, The
Glenn, Scott: Shipping News, The
Glover, Andrew: Boogeyman
Glover, Crispin: Back to The Future
Glover, Crispin: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Glover, Danny: Color Purple, The
Glover, John: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Goddard, Trevor: Mortal Kombat
Godreche, Judith: Man in The Iron Mask, The
Godunov, Alexander: Money Pit, The
Gold, Brandy: Wildcats
Goldberg, Adam: Dazed and Confused
Goldberg, Whoopi: Ghost
Goldberg, Whoopi: Color Purple, The
Goldstein, Jenette: Aliens
Goldstein, Jenette: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Goldstein, Steven: House of Games
Goldwyn, Tony: Ghost
Golino, Valeria: Frida
Golino, Valeria: Rain Man
Goodall, Caroline: Cliffhanger
Goode, Matthew: Match Point
Gooding Jr., Cuba: Boyz N The Hood
Gooding Jr., Cuba: As Good As It Gets
Goodman, John: Borrowers, The
Goodman, John: Arachnophobia
Goodman, John: Revenge of the Nerds
Goodman, John: Big Lebowski, The
Gordon, Philip: Boogeyman
Goritsas, Demetri: Thunderbirds
Gossett, Robert: Net, The
Gough, Michael: Batman
Gough, Michael: Batman & Robin
Gould, Alexander: Finding Nemo
Graham, Heather: Lost in Space
Grant, Hugh: About a Boy
Grant, Hugh: Four Weddings and A Funeral
Grant, Hugh: Bridget Jones Diary
Grant, Richard E.: Bram Stoker`s Dracula
Grant, Richard E.: Spice World
Grant, Rodney A.: Dances with Wolves
Grant, Salim: Ghost Dad
Grapewin, Charley: Wizard of Oz, The
Gray, Billy: Some Like it Hot
Greczyn, Alice: Dukes of Hazzard
Green Bush, Billy: Critters
Green, Seth: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Green, Seth: Can`t Hardly Wait
Greene, Graham: Dances with Wolves
Greenstreet, Sidney: Casablanca
Greer, Judy: Adaptation
Gregory Itzin: Life or Something Like It
Gregory, Andre: Last Temptation of Christ, The
Grenier, Zach: Tommy Boy
Grey, Jennifer: Dirty Dancing
Grey, Jennifer: Ferris Bueller`s Day Off
Grey, Shirley: Golf Specialist, The
Gries, Jon: Napoleon Dynamite
Griffith, Hugh: Ben Hur
Grimes, Scott: Critters
Grimes, Scott: Critters 2: The Main Course
Grimm, Michael: Eiger Sanction
Grodin, Charles: Beethoven
Grostic, Erik: Waking Life
Gruffudd, Ioan: Amazing Grace
Gruffudd, Ioan: Fantastic Four
Guerra, Castulo: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Guest, Christopher: Princess Bride, The
Gugino, Carla: Snake Eyes
Guilfoyle, Paul: Air Force One
Guillaume, Robert: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Guinness, Alec: Empire Strikes Back, The
Gupton, Damon: Unfaithful
Gwynne, Fred: Boy Who Could Fly, The
Gyllenhaal, Maggie: Adaptation

Hackman, Gene: Get Shorty
Hackman, Gene: Crimson Tide
Hagerty, Michael G.: Speed 2: Cruise Control
Hagman, Larry: Primary Colors
Haji: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Haley, Jack: Wizard of Oz, The
Hall Jr., William: Driving Miss Daisy
Hall, Irma P.: A Girl Thing
Hall, Jerry: Batman
Hall, Michael C.: Paycheck
Hall, Porter: Double Indemnity
Hamill, Mark: Empire Strikes Back, The
Hamilton, George: Doc Hollywood
Hamilton, Linda: A Girl Thing
Hamilton, Linda: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Hamilton, Margaret: Wizard of Oz, The
Haney, Ann: Liar Liar
Hankin, Larry: Billy Madison
Hanks, Tom: You`ve Got Mail
Hanks, Tom: Apollo 13
Hanks, Tom: A League of Their Own
Hanks, Tom: Money Pit, The
Hanks, Tom: Forrest Gump
Hanks, Tom: Road To Perdition
Hanks, Tom: Toy Story
Hanks, Tom: Polar Express, The
Hannah, Daryl: Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Hannah, Daryl: Grumpier Old Men
Hannigan, Alyson: American Pie
Hansen, Gale: Dead Poet`s Society
Harareet, Haya: Ben Hur
Harden, Marcia Gay: Meet Joe Black
Hardy, Tom: Star Trek: Nemesis
Harewood, Dorian: Full Metal Jacket
Harrelson, Woody: Doc Hollywood
Harrelson, Woody: Wag The Dog
Harrington, Desmond: Wrong Turn
Harris, Ed: Apollo 13
Harris, Fox: Repo Man
Harris, Mel: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Harris, Moira: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Harris, Neil Patrick: Starship Troopers
Harris, Richard: Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
Harris, Rosemary: Spiderman 2
Harrison, Rex: Midnight Lace
Harry, Debbie: Hairspray
Hauer, Rutger: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Hausman, Willo: House of Games
Havrilla, Joann: Driving Miss Daisy
Hawke, Ethan: Dead Poet`s Society
Hawkes, John: Identity
Hawkins, Jack: Ben Hur
Hawn, Goldie: Out of Towners, The
Hawn, Goldie: Wildcats
Hawthorne, Nigel: Object of My Affection, The
Hawthorne,Nigel: Firefox
Hayden, Sterling: Godfather, The
Hayek, Salma: Frida
Hayes, Patricia: Willow
Hayes, Patricia: A Fish Called Wanda
Headly, Glenne: A Girl Thing
Headly, Glenne: Dick Tracy
Heald, Anthony: Deep Rising
Heald, Anthony: Silence of The Lambs, The
Heard, John: After Hours
Heard, John: Snake Eyes
Heather, Jean: Double Indemnity
Heche, Anne: Six Days, Seven Nights
Heche, Anne: Wag The Dog
Heder, Jon: Napoleon Dynamite
Henn, Carrie: Aliens
Henreid, Paul: Casablanca
Henriksen, Lance: Aliens
Herbert, Hugh: Million Dollar Legs
Hershey, Barbara: Last Temptation of Christ, The
Heston, Charlton: Ben Hur
Hewitt, Jennifer Love: Can`t Hardly Wait
Heyerdahl, Christopher: Catwoman
Hicks, Lara: Waking Life
Higgins, Anthony: Young Sherlock Holmes
Hill, Thomas: Firefox
Hinds, Ciaran: Amazing Grace
Hinds, Ciarán: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Hinds, Ciarán: Phantom of The Opera, The
Hinds, Ciarán: Road To Perdition
Hingle, Pat: Land Before Time, The
Hingle, Pat: Batman
Hingle, Pat: Batman & Robin
Hirsch, Lou: Thunderbirds
Hodges, Tom: Critters 2: The Main Course
Hoechlin, Tyler: Road To Perdition
Hoffman, Abbie: Born on The Fourth of July
Hoffman, Dustin: Sphere
Hoffman, Dustin: Wag The Dog
Hoffman, Dustin: Family Business
Hoffman, Dustin: Rain Man
Hoffman, Gaby: Field of Dreams
Hoffman, Philip Seymour: Big Lebowski, The
Hogan, Paul: Crocodile Dundee
Holbrook, Hal: Fletch Lives
Holcomb, Sarah: Caddyshack
Holden, Laurie: Fantastic Four
Holden, William: Network
Holly, Lauren: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Holly, Lauren: Dumb & Dumber
Holm, Ian: Aviator, The
Hong, James: Big Trouble in Little China
Hong, James: Black Widow
Hooks, Jan: Wildcats
Hope, William: Aliens
Hope, William: Avenger
Hopkins, Anthony: Bram Stoker`s Dracula
Hopkins, Anthony: Silence of The Lambs, The
Hopkins, Anthony: Mask of Zorro, The
Hopkins, Anthony: Meet Joe Black
Hopkins, Miriam: Heiress, The
Hopper, Dennis: Black Widow
Hopper, Dennis: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Horse, Nathan Lee Chasing His: Dances with Wolves
Hoskins, Bob: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Hoskins, Bob: Michael
Hoult, Nicholas: About a Boy
Hounsou, Djimon: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Hounsou, Djimon: Deep Rising
Houston, Candice: Land Before Time, The
Howard, Arliss: Full Metal Jacket
Howard, Esther: Detour
Howard, Ken: Net, The
Huddleston, David: Big Lebowski, The
Huffman, David: Firefox
Hughes, Barnard: Doc Hollywood
Hugot, Marceline: Uptown Girls
Hunt, Bonnie: Beethoven
Hunt, Bonnie: Rain Man
Hunt, Helen: As Good As It Gets
Hurley, Elizabeth: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Hurt, John: Contact
Hurt, John: Spaceballs
Hurt, William: Michael
Hurt, William: Lost in Space
Hurt, William: Kiss of The Spider Woman
Hutcherson, Josh: Zathura: A Space Adventure
Hutchison, Nicholas: About a Boy
Hutton, Timothy: Avenger

Iain Glen, Iain: Darkness
Idle, Eric: Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Idonea, Gilberto: Malèna
Ifans, Rhys: Shipping News, The
Imada, Brian: Better Off Dead
Imrie, Celia: Borrowers, The
Imrie, Celia: Bridget Jones Diary
Innes, Neil: Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Irons, Jeremy: Man in The Iron Mask, The
Ironside, Michael: Total Recall
Ironside, Michael: Extreme Prejudice
Ironside, Michael: Starship Troopers
Ivanek, Zeljko: A Civil Action
Ivey, Dana: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Ivey, Dana: Color Purple, The

Jackman, Hugh: X2: X-Men United
Jackson, Desreta: Color Purple, The
Jackson, Samuel L.: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Jackson, Samuel L.: Sphere
Jackson, Victoria: Family Business
Jacob, Irene: U.S. Marshalls
Jaffe, Sam: Ben Hur
James Gammon: Life or Something Like It
James, Brion: Another 48 Hours
James, Jesse: Message in a Bottle
James, Pell: Uptown Girls
Janney, Allison: A Girl Thing
Janney, Allison: Finding Nemo
Janney, Allison: Six Days, Seven Nights
Janssen, Famke: Deep Rising
Janssen, Famke: X2: X-Men United
Jay, Ricky: House of Games
Jenkins, Richard: Witches of Eastwick, The
Jenney, Lucinda: Rain Man
Jenson, Sasha: Dazed and Confused
Jochim, Keith: Witches of Eastwick, The
Johansson, Scarlett: Horse Whisperer, The
Johansson, Scarlett: Match Point
Johnson Jr., Mel: Total Recall
Johnson, Bill: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Johnson, Jack: Lost in Space
Johnson, Robin: D.O.A.
Joli, Angelina: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Jolie, Angelina: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Jon Lovitz, Jon: A League of Their Own
Jones, Dean: Beethoven
Jones, Freddie: Young Sherlock Holmes
Jones, Freddie: Firefox
Jones, Gemma: Bridget Jones Diary
Jones, Grace: Vamp
Jones, James Earl: Empire Strikes Back, The
Jones, Janet: American Anthem
Jones, Jeffrey: Ferris Bueller`s Day Off
Jones, Jeffrey: Beetlejuice
Jones, Terry: Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Jones, Toby: Amazing Grace
Jones, Tommy Lee: U.S. Marshalls
Jordan, Jeremy: Never Been Kissed
Jordan, Richard: Secret of My Success, The
Joseph, Paterson: Aeon Flux
Jovovich, Milla: Dazed and Confused
Julia, Raul: Kiss of The Spider Woman

Kaczmarek, Jane: D.O.A.
Kane, Johnny: Golf Specialist, The
Kava, Caroline: Born on The Fourth of July
Kaye, Paul: Match Point
Kaye, Stubby: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Keach, James: Wildcats
Keane, James: Dick Tracy
Keaton, Diane: Godfather, The
Keaton, Michael: Batman
Keaton, Michael: Beetlejuice
Keaton, Michael: Batman Returns
Keats, Steven: Black Sunday
Keitel, Harvey: Last Temptation of Christ, The
Keitel, Harvey: National Treasure
Keller, Marthe: Black Sunday
Kelly, Janis: Match Point
Kennedy, George: Eiger Sanction
Kersey, Paul: Hulk
Kershner, Irvin: Last Temptation of Christ, The
Kidman, Nicole: Days of Thunder
Kidman, Nicole: Far and Away
Kidman, Nicole: Practical Magic
Kidman, Nicole: Dead Calm
Kidman, Nicole: Hours, The
Kilmer, Val: Willow
Kilmer, Val: Top Gun
Kilmer, Val: Saint, The
Kim, Randall Duk: Matrix: Reloaded, The
King, Brendan: Polar Express, The
King, Regina: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Kinnear, Greg: Sabrina
Kinnear, Greg: You`ve Got Mail
Kinnear, Greg: As Good As It Gets
Kinskey, Leonid: Duck Soup
Kinski, Nikolai: Aeon Flux
Kirby, Bruno: Good Morning Vietnam
Kirby, Bruno: City Slickers
Klein, Chris: American Pie
Klemperer, Werner: Judgment at Nuremberg
Kline, Kevin: A Fish Called Wanda
Knepper, Rob: D.O.A.
Knight, Ted: Caddyshack
Knightley, Keira: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Knoxville, Johnny: Dukes of Hazzard
Kohlhaas, Karen: House of Games
Korsmo, Charlie: Dick Tracy
Korsmo, Charlie: Can`t Hardly Wait
Koteas, Elias: Some Kind of Wonderful
Koyama, Shigeru: Black Rain
Kozak, Harley Jane: Arachnophobia
Kozlowski, Linda: Crocodile Dundee
Kruger, Diane: National Treasure
Kruschen, Jack: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Kudrow, Lisa: Analyze This
Kurtz, Swoosie: Wildcats
Kussman, Dylan: Dead Poet`s Society
Kyme: School Daze

LaBeouf, Shia: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Lacey, Ronald: Firefox
Ladd, Diane: Black Widow
Lahr, Bert: Wizard of Oz, The
Lake, Ricki: Hairspray
Lambert, Christopher: Mortal Kombat
Lambrinos, Vassili: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Lancaster, Burt: Judgment at Nuremberg
Lane, Diane: Murder at 1600
Lane, Diane: Unfaithful
Langenkamp, Heather: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Larkin, Linda: Aladdin
Larroquette, John: Blind Date
Larsson, Paul: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Laurie, Hugh: 101 Dalmations
Laurie, Piper: Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
Lauter, Ed: Death Wish 3
Lauter, Ed: Youngblood
Law, Jude: Aviator, The
Lawford, Christopher: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Lawless, Lucy: Boogeyman
Leach, Rosemary: A Room With A View
Leary, Denis: Wag The Dog
LeBlanc, Elton: Dukes of Hazzard
LeBlanc, Matt: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
LeBlanc, Matt: Lost in Space
LeBrock, Kelly: Weird Science
Ledger, Heath: Brothers Grimm, The
Lee Curtis, Jamie: A Fish Called Wanda
Lee Curtis, Jamie: True Lies
Lee Ermey, R.: Fletch Lives
Lee, Anna: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Lee, Christopher: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Lee, Spike: School Daze
Lee, Stan: Hulk
Leelee Sobieski: Never Been Kissed
Lees, Paul: Heiress, The
Leigh, Jennifer Jason: Road To Perdition
Lembeck, Harvey: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Lemme, Steve: Dukes of Hazzard
Lemmon, Jack: Grumpier Old Men
Lemmon, Jack: Some Like it Hot
Lemmons, Kasi: Silence of The Lambs, The
Lena Olin, Lena: Darkness
Leonard, Robert Sean: Dead Poet`s Society
Leoni, Tea: Deep Impact
Lester, Adrian: Primary Colors
Levels, Calvin: Adventures in Babysitting
Levine, Jerry: Born on The Fourth of July
Levine, Ted: Silence of The Lambs, The
Levy, Eugene: American Pie
Lewgoy, Jose: Kiss of The Spider Woman
Lewis, Daniel Day: A Room With A View
Lewis, Vicki: Finding Nemo
Libertini, Richard: Fletch Lives
Liberty, Richard: Day of The Dead
Lindo, Delroy: Broken Arrow
Lindo, Delroy: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Linklater, Hamish: Fantastic Four
Linklater, Lorelei: Waking Life
Linly, Betty: Heiress, The
Linn, Rex: Cliffhanger
Linney, Laura: Mothman Prophecies, The
Liotta, Ray: Goodfellas
Liotta, Ray: Field of Dreams
Liotta, Ray: Identity
Lisa Thornhill: Life or Something Like It
Lithgow, John: Cliffhanger
Lithgow, John: A Civil Action
Little, Cleavon: Fletch Lives
Liu, Lucy: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Lively, Robyn: Wildcats
Livingston, Ron: Adaptation
Lloyd, Christopher: Back to The Future, Part III
LLoyd, Christopher: Back to The Future
Lloyd, Christopher: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Lloyd, Christopher: Dennis The Menace
Lloyd, Jake: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Loc, Tone: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Locklear, Heather: Uptown Girls
Loftin, Lennie: Daredevil
Loftus, George: Hours, The
Loken, Kristanna: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Lombard, Michael: Crocodile Dundee
London, Jason: Dazed and Confused
Long, Shelley: Money Pit, The
Loren, Sophia: Grumpier Old Men
Lorenzon, Livio: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Lorre, Peter: Casablanca
Lovitz, Jon: City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly`s Gold
Lowe, Chad: Unfaithful
Lowe, Rob: Youngblood
Lowe, Rob: Contact
Löwitsch, Klaus: Firefox
Loy, Myrna: Midnight Lace
Lucas, Josh: Hulk
Luckinbill, Laurence: Cocktail
Lukesova, Barbora: Brothers Grimm, The
Luna, Diego: Frida
Lupone, Patti: Driving Miss Daisy
Lynch, Richard: Invasion U.S.A.
Lyonne, Natasha: Krippendorf`s Tribe
Lyonne, Natasha: American Pie
Lyons, Antonio David: Avenger

M. Sugarman, Alvin: Driving Miss Daisy
Mac, Bernie: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
MacDonald, Edmund: Detour
MacDonald, Norm: Billy Madison
MacDowell, Andie: Four Weddings and A Funeral
MacDowell, Andie: Michael
MacLaine, Shirley: Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
MacMurray, Fred: Double Indemnity
MacNaughton, Robert: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Macpherson, Elle: A Girl Thing
Macy, William H.: A Civil Action
Macy, William H.: Air Force One
Madigan, Amy: Field of Dreams
Madonna: Dick Tracy
Madonna: A League of Their Own
Madsen, Michael: Free Willy
Maestro, Mía: Frida
Maguire, Tobey: Spiderman 2
Mahoney, Leigh: Waking Life
Major Howard, Kevyn: Full Metal Jacket
Majorino, Tina: Napoleon Dynamite
Makepeace, Chris: Vamp
Mako: Seven Years in Tibet
Malcolm, Christopher: Labyrinth
Malkovich, John: Man in The Iron Mask, The
Malkovich, John: Con Air
Maltin, Leonard: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Mann, Byron: Catwoman
Mann, Hank: Million Dollar Legs
Mann, Leslie: Big Daddy
Mann, Terrence: Critters
Mantegna, Joe: Money Pit, The
Mantegna, Joe: Up Close and Personal
Mantegna, Joe: House of Games
Marchand, Nancy: Sabrina
Marin, Cheech: After Hours
Marley, John: Godfather, The
Marsalis, Branford: School Daze
Marsden, James: X2: X-Men United
Marsh, Jean: Willow
Marshal, Lyndsey: Hours, The
Marshall, David Anthony: Another 48 Hours
Marshall, Garry: Never Been Kissed
Marshall, Garry: A League of Their Own
Marshall, Herbert: Midnight Lace
Martin, Alexander: Can`t Hardly Wait
Martin, Andrea: Wag The Dog
Martin, Sandy: Napoleon Dynamite
Martin, Steve: Out of Towners, The
Martínez, Fele: Darkness
Martinez, Olivier: Unfaithful
Marx, Chico: Duck Soup
Marx, Groucho: Duck Soup
Marx, Harpo: Duck Soup
Marx, Zeppo: Duck Soup
Massee, Michael: Catwoman
Mathis, Samantha: Broken Arrow
Matsuda, Yusaku: Black Rain
Matthau, Walter: Dennis The Menace
Matthau, Walter: Grumpier Old Men
Matthews, Al: Aliens
Matthews, Dakin: Ghost Dad
Matthews, Liesel: Air Force One
Max Baker: Life or Something Like It
Maxey, Rob: Road To Perdition
May, Charmian: Bridget Jones Diary
McCallum, David: A Night to Remember
McCann, Sean: Tommy Boy
McCardie, Brian: Speed 2: Cruise Control
McCarthy, Andrew: Pretty in Pink
McClanahan, Rue: Starship Troopers
McConaughey, Matthew: Contact
McConaughey, Matthew: Dazed and Confused
McCutcheon, Bill: Family Business
McDonald, Christopher: Flubber
McDonald, Susan: Wanted: Dead or Alive
McDonnell, Mary: Dances with Wolves
McDormand, Frances: Aeon Flux
McDowall Roddy: Midnight Lace
McFadden, Gates: Star Trek: Nemesis
McGavin, Darren: Billy Madison
McGee, Vonetta: Eiger Sanction
McGee, Vonetta: Repo Man
McGill, Bruce: Wildcats
McGill, Bruce: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
McGillis, Kelly: Top Gun
McGinley, John C.: Identity
McGregor, Ewan: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
McGuire, Victor: Phantom of The Opera, The
McInnerny, Tim: 101 Dalmations
McKellen, Ian: Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
McKellen, Ian: X2: X-Men United
McKinnon, Ray: Net, The
McMahon, Julian: Fantastic Four
McNamara, Brian: Arachnophobia
McNulty, Kevin: Fantastic Four
McQueen, Armelia: Ghost
Meaney, Colm: Con Air
Mears, Derek: Zathura: A Space Adventure
Meat Loaf: Spice World
Meillon, John: Crocodile Dundee
Melissa Errico: Life or Something Like It
Melvin, Murray: Phantom of The Opera, The
Mendonca, Mark: Polar Express, The
Meredith, Burgess: Grumpier Old Men
Merkerson, S. Epatha: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Merritt, Theresa: Billy Madison
Messing, Debra: Mothman Prophecies, The
Mesure, Charles: Boogeyman
Metcalf, Laurie: Toy Story
Meyer, Dina: Starship Troopers
Meyers, Jonathan Rhys: Match Point
Michael Hall, Anthony: Weird Science
Michael Lindner, Carl: Krippendorf`s Tribe
Middleton, Charles: Duck Soup
Midler, Bette: Hocus Pocus
Midler, Bette: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Milicevic, Ivana: Paycheck
Miller, Dennis: Murder at 1600
Miller, Dennis: Net, The
Miller,Jonny Lee: Aeon Flux
Minnelli, Liza: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Mitchell, Donna: Party Girl
Mitchell-Smith, Ilan: Weird Science
Modine, Matthew: Full Metal Jacket
Molen, Jerry: Rain Man
Molina, Alfred: Spiderman 2
Molina, Alfred: Frida
Molina, Alfred: Identity
Monaghan, Michelle: Unfaithful
Monroe, Marilyn: Some Like it Hot
Montagu, Felicity: Bridget Jones Diary
Montgomery, Julia: Revenge of the Nerds
Moon, Philip: Big Lebowski, The
Moore, Demi: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Moore, Demi: Ghost
Moore, Demi: A Few Good Men
Moore, Dickie: Million Dollar Legs
Moore, Dudley: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Moore, Julianne: Hours, The
Moore, Julianne: Big Lebowski, The
Moore, Julianne: Shipping News, The
Moore, Roger: Spice World
Morales, Esai: La Bamba
Moranis, Rick: Spaceballs
More, Kenneth: A Night to Remember
Morgan, Cindy: Caddyshack
Morgan, Frank: Wizard of Oz, The
Morris, Haviland: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Morris, John: Toy Story
Morris, Kathryn: Paycheck
Morrison, Tamuera: Six Days, Seven Nights
Morrison, Temuera: Speed 2: Cruise Control
Morse, David: Contact
Mortensen, Viggo: Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
Mortimer, Emily: Match Point
Morton, Joe: Paycheck
Morton, Joe: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Moseley, Bill: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Moss, Carrie-Anne: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Mostel, Josh: Big Daddy
Mostel, Josh: Billy Madison
Mouton, Benjamin: Flatliners
Muldoon, Patrick: Starship Troopers
Mulhern, Matt: Biloxi Blues
Mullinar, Rod: Dead Calm
Murdock, Jack: Rain Man
Muresan, Gheorghe: My Giant
Murphy, Aaron: Boogeyman
Murphy, Brittany: Uptown Girls
Murphy, Donna: Spiderman 2
Murphy, Eddie: Beverly Hills Cop II
Murphy, Eddie: Another 48 Hours
Murray, Bill: Caddyshack
Mussett, Tory: Boogeyman
Myers, Mike: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

N`Dour Youssou: Amazing Grace
Najimy, Kathy: Hocus Pocus
Navarro, Loló: Frida
Neal, Tom: Detour
Neame, Christopher: D.O.A.
Neeson, Liam: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Neill, Sam: Horse Whisperer, The
Neill, Sam: Dead Calm
Nelligan, Kate: Up Close and Personal
Nelligan, Kate: U.S. Marshalls
Nelson, Sara: Waking Life
Nelson, Tracy: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Nelson, Willie: Wag The Dog
Nero, Franco: Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Nesterenko, Eric: Youngblood
New, Giles: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Newbigin, Flora: Borrowers, The
Newhart, Bob: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Newman, Paul: Message in a Bottle
Newman, Paul: Road To Perdition
Newton-John, Olivia: Grease
Ney, Richard: Midnight Lace
Nicholas, Denise: Ghost Dad
Nicholas, Thomas Ian: American Pie
Nicholson, Jack: Witches of Eastwick, The
Nicholson, Jack: As Good As It Gets
Nicholson, Jack: A Few Good Men
Nicholson, Jack: Batman
Nielsen, Brigitte: Beverly Hills Cop II
Nikolaev, Valery: Saint, The
Nivola, Alexandro: Face/Off
Nolte, Nick: Hulk
Nolte, Nick: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Nolte, Nick: Another 48 Hours
Nolte, Nick: Extreme Prejudice
Norman, Maidie: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Norman, Zack: Cadillac Man
Norris, Chuck: Invasion U.S.A.
Northam, Jeremy: Net, The
Notarianni, Pietro: Malèna
Nunn, Bill: Spiderman 2
Nunnally, Scott: Mothman Prophecies, The
Nussbaum, Mike: House of Games

O`Brien, Hugh: Twins
O`Brien, Pat: Some Like it Hot
O`Connor, Kevin J.: Deep Rising
O`Donnell, Cathy: Ben Hur
O`Donnell, Chris: Batman & Robin
O`Donnell, Rosie: A League of Their Own
O`Hara, Catherine: Beetlejuice
O`Hara, Catherine: After Hours
O`Hare, Damian: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
O`Herlihy, Gavan: Willow
O`Herlihy, Gavan: Death Wish 3
O`Keefe, Michael: Caddyshack
O`Quinn, Terry: Black Widow
O`Ross, Ed: Another 48 Hours
Oakie, Jack: Million Dollar Legs
Obradors, Jacqueline: Six Days, Seven Nights
Ogden Stiers, David: Doc Hollywood
Oke, Alan: Match Point
Okonedo, Sophie: Aeon Flux
Okumoto, Yuji: Better Off Dead
Oldman, Gary: Bram Stoker`s Dracula
Oldman, Gary: Lost in Space
Oldman, Gary: Air Force One
Olyphant, Timothy: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Ono, Miyuki: Black Rain
Oparei, Deobia: Thunderbirds
Opper, Don: Critters 2: The Main Course
Opper, Don: Critters
Orbach, Jerry: Dirty Dancing
Orbach, Jerry: F/X
Ormond, Julia: First Knight
Ormond, Julia: Sabrina
Orser, Leland: Daredevil
Oscar Mechoso, Julio: Virus
Otto, Miranda: War of The Worlds
Oz, Frank: Empire Strikes Back, The
Oz, Frank: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Oz, Frank: Zathura: A Space Adventure

Pacino, Al: Godfather, The
Pacino, Al: Dick Tracy
Pacula, Joanna: My Giant
Pacula, Joanna: Virus
Pagés, Francesc: Darkness
Pai, Suzee: Big Trouble in Little China
Palance, Jack: City Slickers
Palance, Jack: Batman
Palance, Jack: City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly`s Gold
Palin, Michael: A Fish Called Wanda
Palin, Michael: Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Palladino, Erik: Can`t Hardly Wait
Palminteri, Chazz: Analyze This
Pankin, Stuart: Arachnophobia
Pankow, John: Object of My Affection, The
Pankow, John: To Live and Die in L.A.
Pantoliano, Joe: U.S. Marshalls
Pantoliano, Joe: La Bamba
Pantoliano, Joe: Daredevil
Paquin, Anna: X2: X-Men United
Parillaud, Anne: Man in The Iron Mask, The
Park, Ray: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Parker, Corey: Biloxi Blues
Parker, David: Fantastic Four
Parker, Lindsay: Critters 2: The Main Course
Parker, Sarah Jessica: Hocus Pocus
Parry, Natasha: Midnight Lace
Pastorelli, Robert: Eraser
Pastorelli, Robert: Dances with Wolves
Pastorelli, Robert: Michael
Pataki, Michael: American Anthem
Patinkin, Mandy: Dick Tracy
Patinkin, Mandy: Princess Bride, The
Patric, Jason: Speed 2: Cruise Control
Patrick, Robert: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Patrick, Robert: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Patton, Will: Entrapment
Patton, Will: Mothman Prophecies, The
Patton, Will: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Paxton, Bill: Apollo 13
Paxton, Bill: Aliens
Paxton, Bill: True Lies
Paxton, Bill: Weird Science
Paxton, Bill: Thunderbirds
Pearl, Barry: Grease
Peet, Amanda: Identity
Pellegrino, Angelo: Malèna
Pellegrino, Mark: Big Lebowski, The
Pellick, Andy: Polar Express, The
Pena, Elizabeth: La Bamba
Pena, Elizabeth: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Pendleton, Austin: Finding Nemo
Pendleton, Austin: Uptown Girls
Penn, Christopher: At Close Range
Penn, Robin Wright: Princess Bride, The
Penn, Sean: At Close Range
Penn, Sean: Colors
Perkins, Millie: At Close Range
Perlman, Ron: Star Trek: Nemesis
Perry, Lou: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Persoff, Nehemiah: Some Like it Hot
Pesci, Joe: Goodfellas
Petersen, William L.: To Live and Die in L.A.
Petit, Francois: Mortal Kombat
Petito, Enzo: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Petty, Lori: A League of Their Own
Petty, Lori: Free Willy
Pfeiffer, Dedee: Vamp
Pfeiffer, Michelle: Up Close and Personal
Pfeiffer, Michelle: Witches of Eastwick, The
Pfeiffer, Michelle: Batman Returns
Philliber, John: Double Indemnity
Phillips, Julianne: Fletch Lives
Phillips, Michelle: American Anthem
Piana, Matilde: Malèna
Picardo, Robert: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Pilato, Joseph: Day of The Dead
Pinchak, Jimmy: Polar Express, The
Pine, Larry: Shipping News, The
Pinsent, Gordon: Shipping News, The
Pistilli, Luigi: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Pitt, Brad: 12 Monkeys
Pitt, Brad: Seven Years in Tibet
Pitt, Brad: Meet Joe Black
Pitt, Brad: A River Runs Through It
Pitt, Brad: Devil`s Own, The
Platias, Dina: Billy Madison
Platt, Oliver: Flatliners
Plowright, Joan: Dennis The Menace
Plowright, Joan: 101 Dalmations
Plummer, Christopher: 12 Monkeys
Plummer, Christopher: Somewhere in Time
Plummer, Christopher: National Treasure
Plummer, Glenn: Up Close and Personal
Pointer, Priscilla: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Poitier, Sidney: Jackal, The
Pollak, Kevin: Grumpier Old Men
Pompeo, Ellen: Daredevil
Portman, Natalie: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Posey, Parker: You`ve Got Mail
Posey, Parker: Party Girl
Postlethwaite, Pete: Dragonheart
Postlethwaite, Pete: Aeon Flux
Postlethwaite, Pete: Shipping News, The
Potts, Annie: Pretty in Pink
Potts, Annie: Toy Story
Powers, Tom: Double Indemnity
Presnell, Harve: Face/Off
Presnell, Harve: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Preston, Kelly: Twins
Prochnow, Jurgen: Beverly Hills Cop II
Prophet, Melissa: Invasion U.S.A.
Prosky, Robert: Gremlins II: The New Batch
Provvidenti, Pippo: Malèna
Prowse, David: Empire Strikes Back, The
Pryce, Jonathan: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Pryce, Jonathan: Brothers Grimm, The
Pugh, Willard: Color Purple, The
Pullman, Bill: While You Were Sleeping
Pullman, Bill: A League of Their Own
Pullman, Bill: Spaceballs

Quaid, Dennis: Dragonheart
Quaid, Dennis: D.O.A.
Quaid, Randy: Days of Thunder
Quinlan, Kathleen: My Giant
Quinn, Aidan: Practical Magic
Quinn, Francesco: Platoon

Raffin, Deborah: Death Wish 3
Raft, George: Some Like it Hot
Rains, Claude: Casablanca
Rajskub, Mary Lynn: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Ramirez, Efren: Napoleon Dynamite
Ramm, Charley: Hours, The
Rampling, Charlotte: D.O.A.
Ranft, Joe: Finding Nemo
Rapp, Anthony: Dazed and Confused
Rassimov, Rada: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Ratimec, Petr: Brothers Grimm, The
Ratzenberger, John: Toy Story
Rayment, Adrian: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Rayment, Neil: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Redford, Robert: Up Close and Personal
Redford, Robert: Horse Whisperer, The
Redgrave, Vanessa: Deep Impact
Reed, Pamela: Cadillac Man
Reed, Pamela: Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Reeve, Christopher: Somewhere in Time
Reeves, Keanu: Bram Stoker`s Dracula
Reeves, Keanu: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Reid, Tara: American Pie
Reid, Tara: Big Lebowski, The
Reilly, John C.: Never Been Kissed
Reilly, John C.: Aviator, The
Reinhold, Judge: Beverly Hills Cop II
Reiser, Paul: Aliens
Reixach, Fermí: Darkness
Remar, James: Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Resin, Dan: Caddyshack
Reynolds, Debbie: Unsinkable Molly Brown, The
Rhames, Ving: Con Air
Rhames, Ving: Entrapment
Rhodes, Cynthia: Dirty Dancing
Rhodes, Hari: Coma
Rhys-Davies, John: Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
Ribisi, Giovanni: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Richard, Little: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Richards, Denise: Starship Troopers
Richardson, Joely: 101 Dalmations
Richardson, Miranda: Apostle, The
Richardson, Miranda: Hours, The
Richardson, Miranda: Phantom of The Opera, The
Richardson, Ralph: Heiress, The
Richardson, Sy: Repo Man
Richings, Julian: Wrong Turn
Richter, Jason James: Free Willy
Rickles, Don: Toy Story
Rickman, Alan: Die Hard
Ringwald, Molly: Pretty in Pink
Ritter, John: Sling Blade
Rivers, Joan: Spaceballs
Roach, Pat: Willow
Robbins, Garry: Wrong Turn
Robbins, Tim: Cadillac Man
Robbins, Tim: Zathura: A Space Adventure
Robbins, Tim: War of The Worlds
Roberti, Lyda: Million Dollar Legs
Roberts, Julia: Flatliners
Roberts, Julia: Conspiracy Theory
Roberts, Michael D.: Rain Man
Robillard, Kim: Rain Man
Robinson, Edward G.: Double Indemnity
Robson, Jeremy: Brothers Grimm, The
Rocket, Charles: Dances with Wolves
Rockey, Charles: Dumb & Dumber
Roe, Channon: Can`t Hardly Wait
Rogers, Mimi: Lost in Space
Rogers, Mimi: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Rolle, Esther: Driving Miss Daisy
Rolston, Mark: Aliens
Romijn-Stamos, Rebecca: X2: X-Men United
Roof, Michael: Dukes of Hazzard
Rooker, Michael: Cliffhanger
Root, Stephen: Finding Nemo
Ross, Ted: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Rossitto, Angelo: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Rossum, Emmy: Phantom of The Opera, The
Rowe, Nicholas: Young Sherlock Holmes
Rowell, Victoria: Dumb & Dumber
Rowlands, Gena: Hope Floats
Royle, Selena: Heiress, The
Ruck, Alan: Ferris Bueller`s Day Off
Rucker, Jennifer: Boogeyman
Rudd, Paul: Object of My Affection, The
Rudoy, Joshua: Flatliners
Ruell, Aaron: Napoleon Dynamite
Rush, Geoffrey: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Rushbrook, Claire: Spice World
Rusler, Robert: Vamp
Russ, William: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Russell, Kimberly: Ghost Dad
Russell, Kurt: Big Trouble in Little China
Russell, Lucy: Avenger
Russell, Nipsy: Wildcats
Russell, Theresa: Black Widow
Russo, Rene: Get Shorty
Rust, Anna: Brothers Grimm, The
Ryan, Eileen: At Close Range
Ryan, Meg: City of Angels
Ryan, Meg: You`ve Got Mail
Ryan, Meg: D.O.A.
Ryan, Tim: Detour
Ryan, Will: Land Before Time, The
Ryder, Winona: Bram Stoker`s Dracula
Ryder, Winona: Beetlejuice

Sadler, William: Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Sandler, Adam: Billy Madison
Sandler, Adam: Big Daddy
Sandoval, Miguel: Repo Man
Sands, Julian: Arachnophobia
Sands, Julian: A Room With A View
Sara, Mia: Ferris Bueller`s Day Off
Sarandon, Chris: Princess Bride, The
Sarandon, Susan: Witches of Eastwick, The
Satana, Tura: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Savage, Ann: Detour
Savage, Fred: Boy Who Could Fly, The
Savage, Fred: Princess Bride, The
Savage, John: Message in a Bottle
Scarchilli, Claudio: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Schell, Maximilian: Judgment at Nuremberg
Schellenberg, August: Free Willy
Schiavelli, Vincent: Ghost
Schnabel, Stefan: Firefox
Schneider, Dan: Better Off Dead
Schneider, Rob: Big Daddy
Schöne, Reiner: Eiger Sanction
Schorr, Daniel: Net, The
Schreiber, Liev: Sphere
Schreiber, Liev: Party Girl
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Eraser
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Twins
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: True Lies
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Batman & Robin
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Total Recall
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Schweiger, Til: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Schwimmer, David: Six Days, Seven Nights
Sciorra, Annabella: Cadillac Man
Scolari, Peter: Polar Express, The
Scott Lee, Jason: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Scott Thomas, Kristin: Horse Whisperer, The
Scott, Kimberly: Flatliners
Scott, Martha: Ben Hur
Scott, Seann William: Dukes of Hazzard
Scott, Seann William: American Pie
Scott, William Lee: Identity
Scott, William Lee: Gone in Sixty Seconds
Sedgwick, Kyra: Born on The Fourth of July
Sedgwick, Kyra: Phenomenon
Selleck, Tom: Coma
Seneca, Joe: School Daze
Serbedzija, Rade: Saint, The
Sewell, Rufus: Amazing Grace
Seymour, Cara: Adaptation
Seymour, Jane: Somewhere in Time
Seymoure, Ralph: Rain Man
Shalhoub, Tony: A Civil Action
Shannon, Molly: Never Been Kissed
Shatner, William: Judgment at Nuremberg
Shaver, Helen: Land Before Time, The
Shaw, Robert: Black Sunday
Shaw, Stan: Snake Eyes
Shawlee, Joan: Some Like it Hot
Shawn, Wallace: Toy Story
Shawn, Wallace: Princess Bride, The
Sheen, Charlie: Platoon
Sheffer, Craig: A River Runs Through It
Sheffer, Craig: Some Kind of Wonderful
Shelton, Marley: Uptown Girls
Shepard, Dax: Zathura: A Space Adventure
Sherman, Howard: Day of The Dead
Shevtsov, George: Dead Calm
Shou, Robin: Mortal Kombat
Shrapnel, John: 101 Dalmations
Shue, Elisabeth: Adventures in Babysitting
Shue, Elisabeth: Back to The Future, Part III
Shue, Elisabeth: Saint, The
Shue, Elisabeth: Cocktail
Sidney, Sylvia: Beetlejuice
Siedow, Jim: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Siemaszko, Casey: Biloxi Blues
Sikes, Cynthia: Arthur 2 on The Rocks
Silverstone, Alicia: Batman & Robin
Simmons, Gene: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Simmons, J.K.: Spiderman 2
Simpson, Jessica: Dukes of Hazzard
Sinise, Gary: Forrest Gump
Sinise, Gary: Apollo 13
Sinise, Gary: Snake Eyes
Sirtis, Marina: Star Trek: Nemesis
Sisto, Jeremy: Wrong Turn
Skala, Lilia: House of Games
Skarsgard, Stellan: Good Will Hunting
Skeritt, Tom: Top Gun
Skerritt, Tom: A River Runs Through It
Skerritt, Tom: Contact
Slade, Demian: Better Off Dead
Slater, Christian: Broken Arrow
Slater, Helen: Secret of My Success, The
Slater, Helen: City Slickers
Small, Sharon: About a Boy
Smith, Gregory: Krippendorf`s Tribe
Smith, Jada Pinkett: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Smith, Kim: Catwoman
Smith, Maggie: A Room With A View
Snarr, Trevor: Napoleon Dynamite
Snipes, Wesley: Murder at 1600
Snipes, Wesley: U.S. Marshalls
Snyder, Suzanne: Weird Science
Sorvino, Paul: Dick Tracy
Soto, Talisa: Mortal Kombat
Spacek, Sissy: Blast from The Past
Spacey, Kevin: Shipping News, The
Spade, David: Tommy Boy
Spader, James: Pretty in Pink
Speechley, Joseph: About a Boy
Speechley, Ryan: About a Boy
Spencer, Jesse: Uptown Girls
Spice Girls: Spice World
Spidle, Craig: Road To Perdition
Spíndola, Patricia Reyes: Frida
Spiner, Brent: Star Trek: Nemesis
Spiner, Brent: Aviator, The
Sprouse, Cole: Big Daddy
Sprouse, Dylan: Big Daddy
St. Gerard, Michael: Hairspray
Stahl, Nick: Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
Stallone, Sylvester: Cliffhanger
Stamp, Terence: Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace
Stanton, Harry Dean: Pretty in Pink
Stanton, Harry Dean: Last Temptation of Christ, The
Stanton, Harry Dean: Repo Man
Stanwyck, Barbara: Double Indemnity
Stapleton, Jean: You`ve Got Mail
Stapleton, Jean: Michael
Stapleton, Maureen: Money Pit, The
Starr, Mike: Dumb & Dumber
Steenburgen, Mary: Back to The Future, Part III
Stefanelli, Simonetta: Godfather, The
Stefani, Gwen: Aviator, The
Sterling, Mindy: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Stern, Daniel: D.O.A.
Stern, Daniel: City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly`s Gold
Stern, Daniel: City Slickers
Stevens, Scotter: Better Off Dead
Stevenson, Craig: Darkness
Stewart, Jon: Big Daddy
Stewart, Kristen: Zathura: A Space Adventure
Stewart, Patrick: Conspiracy Theory
Stewart, Patrick: Star Trek: Nemesis
Stewart, Patrick: X2: X-Men United
Stiers, David Ogden: Better Off Dead
Stiller, Jerry: Hairspray
Stock, Nigel: Young Sherlock Holmes
Stockard Channing: Life or Something Like It
Stockwell, Dean: Air Force One
Stockwell, Dean: To Live and Die in L.A.
Stockwell, Dean: Beverly Hills Cop II
Stoltz, Eric: Some Kind of Wonderful
Stone, George E.: Some Like it Hot
Stone, Oliver: Born on The Fourth of July
Stone, Sharon: Sphere
Stone, Sharon: Catwoman
Stone, Sharon: Total Recall
Stone, Sharon: Basic Instinct
Stoviak, Tom: Mothman Prophecies, The
Stowe, Madeleine: 12 Monkeys
Strathairn, David: A League of Their Own
Streep, Meryl: Adaptation
Streep, Meryl: Hours, The
Stuart Masterson, Mary: At Close Range
Stuart Masterson, Mary: Some Kind of Wonderful
Sukapatana, Chintara: Good Morning Vietnam
Sulfaro, Giuseppe: Malèna
Sullivan, Erik Per: Unfaithful
Summerall, Pat: Black Sunday
Sutherland, Donald: Virus
Sutherland, Kiefer: Flatliners
Swain, Dominique: Face/Off
Swayze, Patrick: Dirty Dancing
Swayze, Patrick: Youngblood
Swayze, Patrick: Ghost
Swinton, Tilda: Adaptation

Tagawa, Cary-Hiroyuki: Mortal Kombat
Tait, Douglas: Zathura: A Space Adventure
Takakura, Ken: Black Rain
Taktarov, Oleg: National Treasure
Tambor, Jeffrey: Meet Joe Black
Tandy, Jessica: Fried Green Tomatoes
Tandy, Jessica: Driving Miss Daisy
Taylor, Kirk: Death Wish 3
Taylor, Myra Lucretia: Unfaithful
Taylor, Noah: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Tennant, Rusty: Dukes of Hazzard
Terra, Scott: Daredevil
Tesen, Todd: Hulk
Thacker, Tab: Wildcats
Thanh Tran, Tung: Good Morning Vietnam
Theron, Charlize: Aeon Flux
Theroux, Justin: Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle
Thewlis, David: Seven Years in Tibet
Thewlis, David: Dragonheart
Thomas, Eddie Kaye: American Pie
Thomas, Henry: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Thomas, Kristin Scott: Four Weddings and A Funeral
Thompson, Emma: Primary Colors
Thompson, Lea: Back to The Future
Thompson, Lea: Some Kind of Wonderful
Thompson, Lea: Back to The Future, Part III
Thompson, Shawn: Hairspray
Thompson, Shelley: Labyrinth
Thornton, Billy Bob: Sling Blade
Thornton, Billy Bob: Primary Colors
Thring, Frank: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Thring, Frank: Ben Hur
Thurman, Uma: Batman & Robin
Thurman, Uma: Paycheck
Ticotin, Rachel: Con Air
Ticotin, Rachel: Total Recall
Tierney, Maura: Liar Liar
Tierney, Maura: Primary Colors
Tighe, Kevin: Another 48 Hours
Tilden, Joshua: Dead Calm
Tilly, Jennifer: Liar Liar
Toale, Will: Uptown Girls
Tochi, Brian: Revenge of the Nerds
Tony Shalhoub: Life or Something Like It
Topol, RIchard: Party Girl
Torn, Rip: Extreme Prejudice
Torn, Rip: Coma
Torres, Raquel: Duck Soup
Townsend, Omar: Party Girl
Tracey, Bob: Mothman Prophecies, The
Tracy, Spencer: Judgment at Nuremberg
Travolta, John: Phenomenon
Travolta, John: Broken Arrow
Travolta, John: Michael
Travolta, John: Primary Colors
Travolta, John: A Civil Action
Travolta, John: Grease
Travolta, John: Face/Off
Travolta, John: Get Shorty
Trejo, Danny: Con Air
Tsamchoe, Lhakpa: Seven Years in Tibet
Tucci, Michael: Grease
Turnbull, Clinton: Tommy Boy
Turner, Janine: Cliffhanger
Turner, Tina: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Turpin, Ben: Million Dollar Legs
Turturro, John: To Live and Die in L.A.
Turturro, John: Big Lebowski, The
Tyler, Liv: Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring

Ubach, Alanna: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Uchida, Yuya: Black Rain
Udenio, Fabiana: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Underwood, Jay: Boy Who Could Fly, The
Usigli, Alejandro: Frida

Van Cleef, Lee: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Van Der Velde, Nadine: Critters
Van Dien, Casper: Starship Troopers
Van Patten, Dick: Spaceballs
Varney, Jim: Toy Story
Vartan, Michael: Never Been Kissed
Vazquez, Yul: War of The Worlds
Veljohnson, Reginald: Die Hard
VelJohnson, Reginald: Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Venito, Lenny: War of The Worlds
Venora, Diane: F/X
Venora, Diane: Jackal, The
Venus, Brenda: Eiger Sanction
Vince, Pruitt Taylor: Identity
Viterelli, Joe: Analyze This
Voight, Jon: National Treasure
von Detten, Erik: Toy Story
von Scherler, Sasha: Party Girl
von Zerneck, Danielle: La Bamba
Voskovec, George: Somewhere in Time
Vosloo, Arnold: Mummy, The

Wagner, Robert: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Wakayama, Tomisaburo: Black Rain
Walken, Christopher: Blast from The Past
Walken, Christopher: Biloxi Blues
Walken, Christopher: At Close Range
Wallace Stone, Dee: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Wallace Stone, Dee: Critters
Wallace, Jack: House of Games
Wallach, Eli: Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Walsh, J.T.: Sling Blade
Walsh, J.T.: Good Morning Vietnam
Walsh, J.T.: House of Games
Walshe, Pat: Wizard of Oz, The
Walter, Patrick: Avenger
Walter, Tracey: Repo Man
Ward, Sophie: Young Sherlock Holmes
Warner, Amelia: Aeon Flux
Warner, Julie: Doc Hollywood
Warner, Julie: Tommy Boy
Washington, Denzel: Crimson Tide
Washington, Kerry: Fantastic Four
Wasson, Craig: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Watanabe, Gedde: Vamp
Waterbury, Laura: Better Off Dead
Watson, Barry: Boogeyman
Weaver, Fritz: Black Sunday
Weaver, Sigourney: Aliens
Weaving, Hugo: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Weaving, Hugo: Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
Webb, Chloe: Twins
Weber, Jake: Meet Joe Black
Weinger, Scott: Aladdin
Weiss, Zohren: 101 Dalmations
Weisz, Rachel: About a Boy
Weisz, Rachel: Mummy, The
Wells, Claudia: Back to The Future
Wendt, George: Spice World
Westerman, Floyd Red Crow: Dances with Wolves
Westoh, Douglas: Six Days, Seven Nights
Weston, Debora: Thunderbirds
Weston, Jack: Dirty Dancing
Weston, Michael: Dukes of Hazzard
Wettig, Patricia: City Slickers
Whaley, Frank: Born on The Fourth of July
Whalley, Joanne: Willow
Wheaton, Wil: Flubber
Whitaker, Forest: Phenomenon
Whitaker, Forest: Good Morning Vietnam
Whitaker, Forest: Platoon
Whitfoed, Bradley: Billy Madison
Whitman, Mae: Hope Floats
Widmark, Richard: Coma
Widmark, Richard: Judgment at Nuremberg
Wiest, Dianne: Practical Magic
Wiest, Dianne: Horse Whisperer, The
Wiggins, Wiley: Waking Life
Wiggins, Wiley: Dazed and Confused
Wilcoxon, Henry: Caddyshack
Williams, Billy Dee: Batman
Williams, Billy Dee: Empire Strikes Back, The
Williams, Caroline: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The, Part 2
Williams, John: Midnight Lace
Williams, Lori: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Williams, Mark: 101 Dalmations
Williams, Robin: Good Morning Vietnam
Williams, Robin: Good Will Hunting
Williams, Robin: Dead Poet`s Society
Williams, Robin: Cadillac Man
Williams, Robin: Flubber
Williams, Robin: Mrs. Doubtfire
Williams, Treat: Deep Rising
Williams, Treat: Devil`s Own, The
Williams, Vanessa: Eraser
Williams,Robin: Aladdin
Williamson, Nicol: Black Widow
Willingham, Noble: Good Morning Vietnam
Willis, Bruce: 12 Monkeys
Willis, Bruce: Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Willis, Bruce: Blind Date
Willis, Bruce: Jackal, The
Willis, Bruce: Die Hard
Wilson, Bridgette: Mortal Kombat
Wilson, Bridgette: Billy Madison
Wilson, Dooley: Casablanca
Wilson, Lambert: Matrix: Reloaded, The
Wilson, Lambert: Catwoman
Wilson, Patrick: Phantom of The Opera, The
Wilson, Stuart: Mask of Zorro, The
Wilson, Thomas F.: Back to The Future
Wilson, Thomas F.: Back to The Future, Part III
Wilton, Penelope: Match Point
Winchester, Philip: Thunderbirds
Winfrey, Oprah: Color Purple, The
Winger, Debra: Black Widow
Winslow, Michael: Spaceballs
Witherspoon, Reese: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Wong, B.D.: Seven Years in Tibet
Wong, Victor: Seven Years in Tibet
Wong, Victor: Big Trouble in Little China
Wood, Al: Golf Specialist, The
Wood, Elijah: Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
Wood, Elijah: Deep Impact
Woods, James: Contact
Wright Penn, Robin: Message in a Bottle
Wright, Robin: Forrest Gump
Wright, Teresa: Somewhere in Time
Wuhl, Robert: Batman
Wuhl, Robert: Good Morning Vietnam
Wyburd, Sophie: Hours, The
Wyner, George: Spaceballs

Yam, Simon: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Yin, Terence: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Yoakam, Dwight: Sling Blade
York, Michael: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Young, Sean: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Zale, Alexander: Invasion U.S.A.
Zane, Billy: Dead Calm
Zapata, Amelia: Frida
Zegers, Kevin: Wrong Turn
Zellweger, Renee: Bridget Jones Diary
Zemeckis, Leslie: Polar Express, The
Zeta-Jones, Catherine: Entrapment
Zeta-Jones, Catherine: Mask of Zorro, The
Zuniga, Daphne: Spaceballs