The Magic of Macy’s

This is… Everything’s better at… From… I got it at… I found a lot of cute things at… I saw her in… You can find me any day at… We’re standing in… Those huge ballooons in the… We’re going off to…

The clever and classic commercial above features film clips from Retro movies and television. If you love commercials like we do, this one has to be one of your favorites! Just in case you didn’t catch all of them, the stars, movies, and shows included are:

  1. Charlie Chaplin
  2. Bob Hope (as Santa Claus)
  3. Popeye’s balloon in the “Thanksgiving Day Parade”
  4. Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwynn in Miracle on 34th Street
  5. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and Vivian Vance on I Love Lucy
  6. Orson Welles on I Love Lucy
  7. Alice Faye and Cesar Romero in Weekend In Havana
  8. Shirley MacLaine in Sweet Charity
  9. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon on The Tonight Show
  10. Estelle Getty and Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin
  11. Donald Trump’s voice
  12. Snoopy
  13. Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfeld
  14. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum in Project Runway
  15. Ne-Yo and Kanye West
  16. King Kong (Jessica Lang version)
  17. Stewie Griffith/Family Guy’s balloon in the “Thanksgiving Day Parade”
  18. Macy’s July 4th fireworks in New York City
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Melanie Byas

A relative newcomer to the region, this lover of travel, adventure, the arts, classic movies, music, social media, going green, log homes, cycling, sports, technology, and all things vintage quickly realized that Central Georgia is a great place to live and play!

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